DO you have a demanding conveyor belt application begging a solution?

DO you have a conveyor belt that is hard to clean creating issues with USDA?

DO you have a short, wide belt that is difficult to track?

DO you experience excessive belt stretch?

DO you have other belting issues needing solutions?

THEN you need to consider the COG-VEYOR system.  The listed problems, and many other problems can be solved with COG-VEYOR.

Here are some of the advances the COG-VEYOR system offers:

  • Cleans easily
  • Runs in most demanding conditions
  • Extremely durable
  • Does no slip, or run off-track (even with vertical shafts)
  • Minimal tension
  • Zero slippage - open tooth sprockets intermesh with dual drive lugs on bottom side of the belt
  • No hinges or crevasses where bacteria can build
  • FDA / USDA / 3-A approval

Contact for help.  See for additional information and specifications.