The tremendous and efficient capacity of agriculture is truly one of the great marvels of our age. Today, a major factor in creating this marvel lies in the mechanization of the harvesting of crops. As the crops are taken up from the fields and moved through various processing stages, belting plays a key role.

With a narrow window of opportunity when the crop must be harvested, timing is vital in agriculture. Every component of the harvesting machinery, especially belting, must do its job dependably. That's why more agricultural businesses rely on the W.L. Deckert Company for this key component.

Harvesters use rugged PVC belting with interwoven carcass and cleats of various heights and spacings. Deckert's unique welding process insures that cleats are securely attached for worry-free operation. Many field shops depend on Deckert belts for the reliability they need.

Deckert is also ready with a full line of rubber belts to meet the unique needs of agricultural harvesters. In fact, PVC or rubber, cleated or flat, endless or laced, Deckert has "grown" a comprehensive, dependable line of products especially for the agricultural industry.

Deckert conveyor belting helps bring in fruits and vegetables at the peak of their perfection.

Suggested Product Lines For
Agricultural Application

Skirt Board Rubber (Class S)
PVC Belting (Class P)
Food Grade (Class W)
Heavy Duty Black Belt (Class B)
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