Every year, heavy-duty conveyor belts help move millions and millions of tons of coal, steel, minerals, aggregate, and many other materials. Without this capability, the level of our world's development would be virtually impossible.

Heavy-duty conveyor belting (with minimum working tensions of 150 lbs./inch of width or more) is an indispensable "workhorse" when it comes to transporting bulk materials. In the process, conveyor belts are pounded, abraded, cut, pulled and subjected to heat, cold, sunlight, ozone, and a variety of other adverse factors. Through all this, they must perform dependably. Deckert heavy-duty belting has earned a reputation for its durability and reliability. We offer heavy-duty belting in widths up to, and wider than, 72 inches, in tension ratings through 1000 piw with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 plies. We also offer a variety of rubber covers: RMA Grade 1, RMA Grade II, Hot Service, Oil Resistant, Hot Tar, Asphalt and others.

Deckert's high-grade textiles, advanced adhesion technology and flawlessly engineered rubber covers provide the heavy-duty conveying results you expect from an industry leader.

Every day, mountains of minerals and aggregates are moved by Deckert conveyor belting.

Suggested Product Lines For
Heavy Duty Application

Skirt Board Rubber (Class S)
Rough Top (Class R)
PVC Belting (Class P)
Transmission Belt (Class T)
Heavy Duty Black Belt (Class B)
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