Packages, products, materials and parts. The variety of goods that need to be moved by conveyor belt is virtually unlimited. And the variety of belts required to convey them is just as limitless. Deckert is your single source for all conveying belt requirements. We offer the widest variety including:

  • Polymers - natural or SBR rubber, neoprene, nitrile, PVC, urethane, silicone and many others
  • Fabrics - polyester, nylon, cotton, plied or interwoven

Deckert conveyor belting is a more efficient way to handle materials.

  • Weights - 1,2,3,4 plies and more, tension ratings from 30 piw and up
  • Configurations - smooth or rough tops, bare fabric on one or both sides, friction surface
  • Plus, Deckert's fabrication facility can add cleats, lugs, guides, holes and sidewalls to further enhance your belt's capabilities. Whether you're moving one product or hundreds, Deckert is the solution to all your conveying belt needs.

Suggested Product Lines For
Logistical Application

Rough Top (Class R)
PVC Belting (Class P)
Transmission Belt (Class T)
Food Grade (Class W)
Heavy Duty Black Belt (Class B)
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