Clean. Sanitary. These are the watchwords for the food processing industry whether dealing with meat, vegetables, fruit, bakery, cheese, snacks, or candy. Deckert food belting is designed to meet the special requirements of the food processing industry. Our food conveyor belting meets and exceeds FDA/USDA requirements. It also meets and exceeds operating and maintenance expectations for value and reliability.

Because the scope of the food processing industry is so broad, Deckert offers a wide range of belting styles to meet the industry's many different job requirements. We provide quality belts with urethane, PVC, or nitrile covers with either plied or interwoven carcasses. Select thick or thin belts, wide or narrow ones, even belting with no fabric reinforcement. Plus, Deckert can enhance your belting's carrying capacity by applying quality cleats and guides. Other belt modifications can be made to meet special requirements, including the capping of food belt edges.

Deckert's extensive fabrication capability greatly expands possibilities of belt designers. We have the experience and know-how to make your most innovative ideas a reality. Call us for a consultation. We'll come up with a "recipe for success."

Deckert USDA/FDA conveyor belting is designed to meet the sanitary requirements of the food processing industry.

Suggested Product Lines For
Food Handling Application

Rough Top (Class R)
PVC Belting (Class P)
Food Grade (Class W)
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