From pulleys and chains to idlers and rollers, Deckert has a comprehensive line of components and accessories to satisfy virtually every application requirement.

For powerfully secure conveyor belt and connections, Deckert offers a wide variety of Flexco and Clipper belt fasteners. Attach them yourself, or our experts can connect them to make the belts endless. We also have the equipment and experience to vulcanize rubber belts endless. Or, we can make thermoplastic conveyor belts (such as PVC and urethane) endless utilizing our unique welding process.

Deckert carries a complete line of pulleys, including stainless, lagged, winged and more. We also offer a wide range of motorized pulleys. With completely internally housed and sealed components, our motorized pulleys require less maintenance and last longer.

As experts in the conveying business, Deckert knows that some conveying applications present special problems or requirements. For example, when openings in the belt are needed for liquid to flow through or for special sanitation needs, traditional polymer/fabric conveyor belts are not appropriate. Deckert offers modular plastic belting and plastic slat-top chains as the answer to many of these specialized requirements.

No matter what your application, Deckert has the resources and experience to provide you with Conveying Solutions that work.

Deckert plastic and metal belting and chains increase - and enhance - your handling options.

Suggested Product Lines For
Manufacturing Application

Skirt Board Rubber (Class S)
Rough Top (Class R)
PVC Belting (Class P)
Transmission Belt (Class T)
Food Grade (Class W)
Heavy Duty Black Belt (Class B)
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