The W.L. Deckert Company is committed to providing our customers with Conveying Solutions that exceed their expectations. Our ongoing goal is to seek out and meet those challenges that cannot be met elsewhere and to accept product application opportunities that can only be solved through innovation. This allows us to consistently fulfill the needs of our customers, provide a rewarding and satisfying workplace for our employees, and allow us to prosper and grow while yielding a rewarding return on the investment made in this enterprise

To offer our customers the most effective solutions, we resolve that:

  • Our technicians are empowered to use their tools and expertise to achieve the highest quality results
  • Our salespeople will advocate creative solutions
  • Our administrative staff will facilitate timely execution of all processing steps.
  • Our management will commit sufficient resources to transform our customers' concepts into practical realities.

As we faithfully carry out our resolutions, our customers' needs will be satisfied, our objectives of prosperity and growth will be met and our employees will be rewarded by the satisfaction of producing Conveying Solutions.

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