Founded in 1918 by William L. Deckert, the W.L. Deckert Company got its start by selling leather belting. Originally, this was the only product sold, but the demand was tremendous. At the time, practically every piece of machinery was driven by a leather belt via a jack shaft from a central power source. Gradually, rubber-coated fabric belts were introduced, and electric motors drove machine tools individually. As the demand for leather belts decreased, the need for rubber belting and other industrial rubber products increased. Under the guidance of Robert (Bob) Deckert, the W.L. Deckert Company made a smooth transition, meeting its customers' needs without skipping a beat. Soon, bulk-handling conveyor belting, both lightweight and heavyweight, gained importance in the marketplace and Deckert became an important supplier to both users and OEMs.

Bob Deckert's early investment in slitting machinery insured the company's leadership role as new technology facilitated the manufacture of conveyor belting in wide "slab" widths. In 1985, Stephen Maas became the company's new owner and president. Under his leadership, a significant investment in manufacturing and fabrication facilities was added to the already superior capabilities of the firm. Today, businesses worldwide look to the W.L. Deckert Company for quality products, innovative solutions and excellence service.

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